Custom Ordered Blanks

Any Size, Any Color Combo

Hybrid blanks duck and goose call blanks hybrid blocks 6” x 1.5”

We offer hybrids and solid resin in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you do not see the size you require please send us an email to discuss your options. 

Our color pallet is endless, so if your question is can we match this color?! The answer is YES! Send us an email and we can discuss your needs!

In house stabilizing gives you options

Cut offs burl burl wood dyed stabilized

Our in house stabilizing operation keeps a fresh supply of burl live edge pieces in our bins to ensure we have plenty of options when choosing the right piece for your one of a kind blank!

My promise to you


Each Swampwood Blank that is poured in my shop was made with the best of my ability. It is a reflection of my love for artisan blank making and also a reflection of my appreciation that you chose swampwood for your project..for that I will always give you 100% when I make your blanks! You deserve nothing less. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and for your support. I promise to strive to bring you the best blanks this industry has ever seen!